Crystaline Si PV

Crystalline silicon glass features more power installed per SqFt in comparison to amorphous silicon glass. This means that under direct sunlight crystalline silicon glass can yield twice as much energy as amorphous silicon glass. This PV glass technology is suitable for those buildings and facilities with good solar orientation which seek maximum energy output. Crystalline silicon PV glass is the most suitable material to be used on canopy and skylight applications, spandrel glass, solid walls and guardrails. PV glass presents the same mechanical properties as conventional architectural glass used in construction for architectural purposes. 

Advantages Of Crystalline Silicon Pv Glass

Crystalline silicon glass can be easily customised, especially in terms of shape, even trapezoids can be fabricated without difficulty using this technology.

Greater nominal power capacity per SqFt (Wp/SqFt).

Crystalline silicon glass installations take up less area for a given amount of kWp to be reached compared to amorphous silicon glass installations.

Crystalline Silicon glass’ efficiency can go up to 16%


The company’s policy is focused on satisfying the different architectural styles worldwide.

The Largest PV Glass Panes Manufactured in The World

Our photovoltaic glass panes come both in standard and customised dimensions. Our largest PV glass panes measure 13.5 feet x 6.5 feet.

Solar Cell Density

We can customise the light transmittance degree of crystalline silicon glass by spreading out the solar cells closer or farther apart. Choose the desired VLT and we will design the layout of the solar cells for you