Amorphous Si PV

Amorphous silicon photovoltaic glass (PV glass) features a combination of functionality, efficiency and aesthetics. This material can be the perfect substitute for conventional architectural glass placed in buildings because it offers the same mechanical properties in addition to the advantages mentioned a few lines below. PV glass is in compliance with all international safety standards when used in construction for architectural purposesIt also generates free clean energy thanks to the sun (active solar properties). PV glass panes physical features such as their shape, color, size, thickness and grade of transparency can be all customised to meet the requirements of the wide range of projects in which they are being used.

Advantages Of Amorphous Silicon Solar PV Glass

It produces more power than crystalline silicon glass in overcast weather and high temperatures.

It offers different visible light transmittance levels, up to 30%.

It offers flexibility in design since it can be tailored to the architectural needs.

Natural Illumination And Selective Filter

Amorphous silicon glass is the ideal material to be used as it can provide buildings with a lot of natural illumination in their interiors. Its filtering properties are also highlighted because both harmful UV radiation and IR can be absorbed, thus, improving its thermal insulation.

Insulation Properties

Amorphous silicon photovoltaic glass features both good thermal and sound insulation properties.

The Largest Pv Glass Panes Manufactured In The World

Our photovoltaic glass panes come both in standard and customised dimensions. Our largest PV glass panes measure 13.5 feet x 6.5 feet.

100% Customised

The company’s policy is focused on satisfying the different architectural styles worldwide.

The photograph serves for presentation purposes of the grades of transparency of our glass. For more details please contact us.